[Watch] Stray cats' 'mukbang' begins to go viral!
May 7, 2016
(popcorn tv)

A video on a new outlet to watch stray cats' do 'mukbang (먹방 eating broadcast)' through live streaming has gotten the attention of the world.

The news is going fairly viral that Koo Eun-je in South Korea has become a system of feeding cats while a live cam runs so that people can watch the hungry cats regain their strength. He even prepares fresh fish for them personally and has a cute set-up (toys included) for them! IT'S LIKE NEKO ATSUME IN REAL LIFE (STAY AWAY TUBBS!).

It's super sweet and seems to be getting pretty popular in Korea.

Sadly, the live streaming is limited to those in South Korea as of now, but perhaps with the news of this spreading and blowing up, the horizons will expand! Meanwhile, you can watch some clips uploaded onto YouTube down below!


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