This ranking reveals male celebrities' drinking
Jun 4, 2016
With drinking being so common in Korean culture, netizens recently discussed just how much their favorite male celebrities can drink. While netizens recently discussed how much idol group members drink, a post on Daum recently discussed how much alcohol the industry's top actors and comedians have been known to consume. From zero to a shocking two dozen bottles, netizens were surprised to discover how much alcohol their favorite male celebrities can handle.

Find out what Netizens had to say about this article below!

Park Bo-gum – 0 glasses (doesn't drink)
Joo Won – 2 beers

Lee Jong-suk – 1 shot of soju
Kim Soo-hyun – 4 shots of soju (half a bottle) and 2 beers

Song Joong-ki – 1 bottle of soju
Jo In-sung – 1 and half bottles soju

Kim Woo-bin – 1 and half bottles soju
Im Siwan – 2 bottles of soju

Ha Jung-woo – 3 bottles of soju
Go Kyung-pyo – 4 and a half bottles of soju

So Ji-sub – 5 bottles of soju
Sung Shi-kyung – 11 bottles of soju

Jun Jin – 15 bottles of soju
Kang Ho-dong – 20 bottles of soju

Ji Sang-ryeol – 24 bottles of soju


-Sikyung oppa…if you drink more you'll die ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
-Bogum probably drinks milke ㅎㅎ
-Why does it look like a positive thing they can't drink…
-24….bottles??? is that humanly possible?
-Isn't it at the point of overdose if you go over 20 bottles?
-Lee Jong-suk ㅋㅋ so cute


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