3 reasons fans are disappointed with Park Yoo-chun
Jun 16, 2016
Park Yoo-chun is currently under investigation for allegedly raping a woman in her 20s, police said Tuesday.

Regardless of the investigation results, the public is already disappointed with the celebrity.

The following are three main reasons why:

Visiting a “room salon”

Underground room salons may have various names, but their initial purposes are the same. In these rooms, men pay hundreds of dollars to drink with women, who often offer adult entertainment as well as company. According to local reports, the place Park visited did not allow prostitution or sexual intercourse with the women, but did offer services where female workers entertain male guests at a fee of $500 per person. Based on CCTV footage, police confirmed that Park had been to the bar.

Duty as a civil servant worker

Park was exempt from military service due to his severe asthma and is working at a local ward office. However, Park has been criticized in relation to his exemption, as he was repeatedly spotted smoking, which is more harmful than usual for people with asthma. It is also misconduct for a civil servant to visit a place of adult entertainment, such as the room club mentioned earlier, fans said on multiple online sites.

Damage to JYJ members

JYJ has been through endless ups and downs since started out as a trio after departing from TVXQ. Lately, the group finally seemed stable with the members releasing solo albums. One of the members, Junsu, even unveiled his fourth official album “XIGNATURE” on May 30 and is performing on a world tour. The effect of Yoochun's case on the overall image of the group, will likely have a negative impact on the two other members, observers said.

Meanwhile, Park Yoo-chun's agency C-jes Entertainment said Park would fully cooperate with the police until he is officially called for questioning. The agency asked reporters and the public to refrain from making false accusations based on one-sided claims.

Source:The Korea Herald

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