(video) K-pop idols' stage mistakes
Jul 31, 2016
Soyou (YouTube)

K-pop singers practice day and night to put up stellar stage performances. However, there are still times when they slip up.

Take for instance Taeyeon from Girls' Generation whose voice once cracked while singing her song “Twinkle” on stage. However, the experienced singer recovered herself and continued singing a high note.

There are also idols who have tripped and fallen on stage, including Cho Hyun-young from Rainbow, Hoshi from Seventeen and Soyou from Sistar.

In some cases, the falls have resulted in injuries. Dasom from Sistar once fell so hard on stage that she could barely get to her feet again due to the pain.

Krystal from f(x) once appeared pale while performing the song “Mr. Boogie” on stage, and eventually fainted.

Check their moments of embarrassment...

Source:The Korea Herald

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