Fans photoshopped female idols' eyebrows and the changes are drastic
Aug 20, 2016
Taeyeon (SM Entertainment)

recent set of pictures in which Korean a talented Korean fan utilized her amazing photoshop skills to show how different popular female idols would look with different eyebrows are going viral. Many netizens say that not only do they look different some of them look even more beautiful with these style of eyebrows.Although most people fail to realize how important the styling of eyebrows is in completing one's look, a talented Korean fan displayed how drastically one's look can change with even the tiniest change in one's eyebrows

The left pictures are the original and unedited photos and the right side photos have had only the eyebrows photoshopped.

Seohyun – SNSD

Seolhyun – AOA


Taeyeon – SNSD

Krystal – f(x)


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