EXO fans furious toward new program for poor management
Aug 24, 2016
EXO fans are furious toward MBC Music's new pilot program 'Star 360' for their poor management.

On August 23, EXO attended the show's very first recording as the exclusive guests. Prior to the recording, 'Star 360' announced that a total of 500 fans would be allowed in to watch EXO perform, with doors opening at 8PM and the entire recording ending at 1AM.

EXO-L, thrilled at the chance to see their loving idols, lined up as early as 4PM. Fans claimed they stayed in line enduring the blistering heat, and didn't even use the bathroom as to not lose their places. However, the doors failed to open at the promised time of 8PM, as the show's crew had not finished setting up cameras and other equipment.

Due to the delay, fans were not able to enter the venue until 11PM, but to make matters worse, the show was delayed even further since MC Leeteuk had to attend his radio schedule at the time. Supposedly, the securities on site frequently yelled at fans, telling those making noise to leave the set.

EXO-L's discontentment toward 'Star 360' has been spreading around various online communities ever since the recording.


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