Korean ARMYs criticized for being inconsiderate about Lay's condition
Oct 12, 2016
Korean ARMYs are making a lot of EXO-Ls angry by writing some extremely inappropriate comments on an article about Lay's recent incident at the airport.

One netizen posted screenshots of rude replies from alleged ARMY fans onto Twitter and commented, "I got goosebumps after reading the ARMY comments. How can they write such things when someone passed out?"

Some of the comments she posted read, "I hate K-POP idols, but I like that BTS doesn't have any Chinese members," "BTS broke EXO's record. 10M in one day. Only other person who could do this was PSY," and, "EXO-Ls must be stressed right now. Please listen to 'Blood, Sweat & Tears.'"

In an article that reports Lay losing consciousness and being rushed to a hospital, some comments read like the following: "I love BTS," "This is a funny article. BTS is the best," "Don't pretend to be sick, Lay. Rap Monster performed with a fever. You're not a true singer," "He's getting ready to leave EXO," "Thank God, this didn't happen to BTS," and more.

What do you think? Do you guys think this is really from ARMYs or are they BTS haters pretending to be ARMY?


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