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Dec 30, 2016
Two guests drink tea while receiving a foot bath at Solgaheon in Seochon, Seoul.
/ Courtesy of Seoul Tourism Organization

More people travel individually in Seoul, and they crave more unique local experiences., a website operated by the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) and the Seoul Tourism Organization (STO), helps them with a variety of local cultural, culinary, beauty and historic tour programs.

One such program is a foot bath at Solgaheon, a healing cafe that is perfect for those looking for relaxation. Located in Seochon, the cafe has a unique and appealing atmosphere as it's housed within a traditional hanok. The foot bath service lasts one hour and guests can enjoy traditional and medicinal teas such as mint and chrysanthemum. During winter, the hot baths are available indoors and the cost begins at $52.50.

The foot bath has proven a hit with many including one anonymous traveler who wrote, "I was fascinated by the beauty of a Korean traditional house. The herbal foot bath was hot enough to relieve my fatigue and it was such a nice healing time for me."

Guests work with tools to make their own stamps at Todok Learning Room in Insa-dong, Seoul.

Another popular program is a traditional stamp making experience. Todok Learning Room in Insa-dong helps travelers make their own artistic stamps. One simply has to choose a preferred name ― English or Korean ― and trace their design, then the Todok staff will carve the stamp right in front of the customer. The price of the stamps begins at $31.50, and it makes for a unique souvenir.

"This was a short but memorable way to get a souvenir to take home from Korea. You can select from many different stamp designs and watch as your name is hand carved into it," one stamp-making participant said.

A man cooking bulgogi at OME Cooking Lab in Dongdaemun, Seoul.

Cooking Korean cuisine is a must for food lovers and OME Cooking Lab offers a variety of dishes for cooking including kimchi, bibimbap (rice mixed with vegetables), and haemulpajeon (seafood and green onion pancake).

All participants, maximum seven, go shopping together, cook and eat together. Shopping takes place at a traditional local market, such as Kyungdong Market, offering a rare opportunity to learn about Korean ingredients. The fee for the cooking session starts at $52.50.

When it comes to perfume, people often think about Chanel or Gucci products that are found in duty-free shops. However, Aromind says anyone can make his or her own perfume at a cost of only $52.50. The perfume-making experience at Aromind in Bukchon Hanok Village has proven extremely popular, and reservations are highly recommended. is an initiative by the SMG and the STO as they continue to strive to offer unique local experiences for the city's visitors. The website, launched in November, presents experience programs that are not commonly found in standard tour guidebooks and websites. In conjunction with the launching of One More Trip's mobile website, a special contest is currently underway with prizes including Amazon gift cards and even an Apple Watch. For more information, visit

Two guests enjoy the fragrance while making perfume at Aromind in Seochon, Seoul.

Source:The Korea Times

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