Incheon airport introduces 24-hour capsule hotel
Jan 20, 2017
The interior of a new capsule hotel. (transportation ministry)

Small but fully equipped and furnished rooms will begin accommodating passengers at South Korea's Incheon International Airport, providing a private and comfortable place to rest at the bustling airport, the transportation ministry said Friday.

The new capsule hotel opened Friday with 30 container-size rooms on each side of the arch-shaped main terminal of the airport, west of Seoul, according to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

Each room can be used by the hour with a minimum mandatory use of three hours.
An image of the new capsule hotel. (transportation ministry)

Unlike conventional capsule hotels, the rooms have full-size beds as well as a shower. Prices vary from 7,000 won to 11,000 won (US$5.95-$9.35) per hour, depending on the size and type of the room, with some big enough to accommodate a family of three.

"The capsule hotel Darak Hue has been developed to improve the convenience of transit and late-night passengers at Incheon airport, which operates 24 hours a day," the ministry said.

"The launch of the capsule hotel following an expansion of restaurants and stores that stay open overnight will greatly improve the convenience of transit passengers and those coming to the airport from the rural side of the country to travel, who may need a place to rest due to their late arrival or departure," it added.

Source:Yonhap News

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