Eat Dongchimi to Aid Holiday Digestion
Jan 30, 2017
Dongchimi (동치미) is a type of kimchi made with radish that is best in winter.

The carbon dioxide and organic acid created in the fermentation process give it its tangy and cooling flavor.

There are two interpretation of the origin of the word dongchimi. One is "kimchi made in winter" and the other is "kimchi made with a whole radish."

Dongchimi is traditionally regarded as a natural digestive medicine, and goes well with rice cake soup, the staple dish on lunar New Year's Day, to aid digestion of the filling delicacy.

When the country was poor, holidays were often the only time of the year when people could eat their fill, and dongchimi helped them digest it thanks to the amylase it contains.

Source:The Chosun Ilbo

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