Dongtaejeon 동태전 (Pollock pancake)
Feb 1, 2017
Dongtae refers to frozen pollock fish. Dongtaejeon is one of the most common side dishes for special occasions in Korea along with bulgogi and japchae. Pollock is inexpensive compared to other fish and it's nice and juicy when it's pan-fried in batter.

This recipe is almost the same as my cod pancake recipe (daegujeon), but I simplified some ingredients and process so that many people can make this more easily at home. Even though the recipe is simplified, it is still super tasty.

When you cook this, your house will be full of delicious aroma. If your family enters your home while you are cooking this, they may be too excited, “Umm! What's this smell! Yummy yummy!”

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