Gamja-salad 감자샐러드 (Potato salad)
Feb 2, 2017
If you've ever been to a Korean restaurant, maybe they served you a small side dish of cold, smooth, slightly sweet mashed potatoes, almost like ice cream. It might have had some carrot or cucumber in it, which made it a little crispy. There was probably no more than an tiny scoop of it on the plate, and you were wishing the restaurant gave you more, maybe a lot more, in a large bowl!

Many people have asked me to post the recipe for this, and here it is: it's called gamja salad in Korean or simply “potato salad” in English. Because this is a newer dish in Korea, we borrow the English word “salad” for the name.

It's a pretty simple dish to make, but you want to make sure you get the potatoes right, so they end up soft and creamy. There are actually two kinds of Korean potato salad: one is made of diced potatoes and vegetables (and sometimes fruit), and the other one, the one I'll show you here, is made of mashed potatoes. Both styles use mayonnaise.

Whenever I make gamja-salad I always make a gamja-salad sandwich, too. Two pieces of toasted bread, with some gamja-salad spread over top a leaf crispy lettuce, it makes a quick, easy, and filling snack or lunch. Don't eat it all! Your kids will love it, too! I used to make this for my children all the time. It was a great snack when they were studying hard, and a favorite in their packed lunchboxes.

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