Insam-daechucha 인삼대추차 (Ginseng jujube tea)
Feb 6, 2017
Hi everybody! The tea I'm going to show you today, insam-daechucha (ginseng jujube tea), is Koreans' all-time favorite.

Koreans have been using ginseng for thousands of years and strongly believe in its abilities to boost the immune system and give us energy. Because it takes so long to grow, is so precious, and is so hard to find, it's very expensive. There are ginseng farms where roots are grown commercially from anywhere from 2 to 6 years, although most are grown for 4 years. However many people think the best ginseng grows wild in the mountains, which can only be found by foraging and good luck.

Not everyone reacts well to ginseng: it adds heat to your system, so if your natural temperature is already a bit warm, it might upset your natural balance and be too much heat for you.

Ginseng is a little bitter, so it goes well with sweet jujubes: this tea is a little bitter, a little sweet, and has a strong, earthy ginseng flavor.

I'll show you two ways to make insam-daechucha today: the authentic traditional (farther down below) and a time-saving modern way that I developed. The traditional method makes for a clearer tea, and has a nice flavor. When you boil this tea, the smell will be full in your house! The time-saving way that I show in the video will have chewy and soft bits in the tea, and will be very strong. The key to this method is to use fresh ginseng.

I love both ways! They are super-delicious and I always feel so good after drinking them!

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