Netizens list the most anticipated male idol groups of 2017 and their potential
Feb 8, 2017
On February 7, netizens named four male idol groups who they're highly anticipating and have the potential to "break out" in 2017.

The four male idol groups are:





Netizens commented, "I personally think Seventeen and MONSTA X will do well."

"I agree, both Seventeen and MONSTA X are going to dominate this year!"

"Why are people bashing on B.A.P? They're going back to their roots. They would become popular if they went back to their original promotional style in 2012. It depends on what the agency does and if they go on a world tour or not."

"I think Seventeen will be daebak. Astro could become popular."

"What about NCT?"

Do you agree with the list? Which of these groups do you think has the most potential to be the next "IT" group?


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