What Is Daeboreum?
Feb 8, 2017

This Saturday is the first full moon of the lunar year, which is known as Daeboreum (대보름), a day when people traditionally pray for health and a good harvest.

In an age-old tradition called "bureom," people eat nuts on this festive day, as the cracking and eating of hard-shelled nuts is believed to make teeth stronger. People also have "ogokbap" (오곡밥) or five-grain rice with an assortment of seasoned vegetables.

In the past, when it was a luxury to have three meals a day, it was believed that going around the neighborhood and getting at least three helpings of the dish would bring good luck and health throughout the year.

"While sharing the food with neighbors, our ancestors pray for abundant harvest, dispelling evil spirits," a curator at Gwangju Municipal Folk Museum said.

"People believed they can better cope with the hot summer weather if they ate seasoned vegetables that are dried and stored for lean times over the winter."

Source:The Chosun Ilbo

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