Soegogi-jeon 쇠고기전 (Beef pancakes)
Feb 10, 2017
Today let's make some soegogi-jeon, or beef pancakes. It's a super-simple recipe that pretty much every meat eater loves: nice, tender beef sliced thinly, battered lightly in flour and egg and pan fried quickly. The result is light, meaty, savory, golden brown, and really delicious.

This is a Korean side dish (banchan) recipe meant to be served with rice, and I used to make it all the time for my children's lunchboxes, like the one I make in the video. However they also go well with noodles and are a big hit when paired with beer, too.

It's best to make these on the spot and eat them right away, which makes them a perfect go-to when guests drop over. But you can also make them ahead and break them out when you need them. Just be sure to give them another quick pan fry before serving, just to freshen them up again.

Enjoy the recipe, and enjoy some beef pancakes!

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