Kim Min-hee wins 'Best Actress Award' and says she loves Hong Sang-soo at '67th Berlin International Film Fest'
Feb 19, 2017
On February 18, Kim Min-hee (김민희) took home the Silver Bear for "Best Actress" at the '67th Berlin International Film Fest' in Berlin, Germany.

She received the award for her role in Hong Sang-soo's 'On The Beach At Night Alone' and received the award from Diego Luna (Star Wars 'Rogue One'). As many of you know, there's a lot of controversy surrounding her "relationship" with the famous director.

During her award speech, she thanked Hong Sang-soo (홍상수) and stated that the happiness that she feels and the award she received is all thanks to Hong Sang-soo. She also ended her speech by stating, "I Love You Hong Sang-soo."

The couple never officially confirmed that they were dating. However, with their first public appearance together and Kim Min-hee stating that she loves Hong Sang-soo, this is serving as strong evidence, that they are having an intimate relationship.


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