Kakao TV to take on foreign video services
Feb 20, 2017
Kakao TV / Kakao

Kakao (카카오) said Sunday it has renewed its multi-platform video services “Kakao TV” to take on foreign services such as YouTube.

The company said it has unified its two video services ― “Daum tv Pot” and Kakao TV ― to provide it both through personal computers and mobile devices. It stressed that the new video service will help content creators make a profit by providing their work through the platform.

“Kakao TV is a platform where anyone can easily watch live streaming and on-demand videos,” Kakao's video platform team leader Bae Dong-ho said.

“At the same time, creators can provide their videos through diverse channels on Kakao TV, making profits. We expect the new service will take back the balance of video services, which has been inclined to foreign platforms.”

According to a data from the Korea Communications Commission, the nation's over-the-top (OTT) market value was 488.4 billion won last year, up 53.7 percent from the previous year's 317.8 billion won. It is estimated to reach 780.1 billion won by 2020.

Kakao said the new video service will be available not only through PCs and mobile devices but also on Kakao Talk, the nation's most-used mobile instant messenger. Kakao said it will consequently be able to use its solid user base of existing services to its advantage.

The monthly average user of Kakao Talk is 42 million while those of Kakao Talk Channel services and web portal Daum stand at 26 million and 27 million, respectively.

Kakao also said it has hosted popular Korean hosts, better known as broadcasting jockeys (BJs) here, including Daedoseogwan (Great Library), Banzz, Kim Eve and Yum Cast as Kakao TV play directors. It also said famous Korean comedians such as Park Sung-kwang, Park Young-jin and Jung Tae-ho will also join the platform for live streaming.

The company said it expects that the presence of popular content creators will help the platform attract new viewers.

“We have actively promoted the differentiated strengths of Kakao TV for many content creators here since we announced our plan to launch the integrated video service last December,” a Kakao official said.

According to the firm, content creators can produce and manage video work through a linked program called “Video Station.” This program also provides content use statistics. It is also connects to the creators profit management platform dubbed “Biz Station.” Creators can put advertisements on their video content and set up donation options.

Kakao said it plans to add a mobile personal broadcasting service. In this feature, non-professional users will be able to easily release real-time live streams through smartphones, it said.

Source:The Korea Times

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