LG's portable projector keeps No. 1 spot in global LED projector market
Mar 13, 2017
LG Electronics Inc.'s 'Minibeam TV' projectors. (Yonhap file photo)

LG Electronics Inc. said Monday that its portable projector maintained the No. 1 spot in global markets for electro-luminescent display (LED) projectors last year.

Citing recent data by market tracker Pacific Media Associates, LG said its "Minibeam TV" projector was named as the world's top-selling LED projector in terms of revenues in 2016.

It marked the sixth consecutive year that the LG projector stood at the top spot.

In a previous statement, LG said the projector offers greater portability compared to conventional projectors.

Its wireless connectivity allows easy content mirroring to a smartphone, tablet or laptop computer, LG said.

The "Minibeam TV" projector was "a best seller among customers who wanted the big-screen experience but have limited space," LG said.

Source:Yonhap News

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