Lunchboxes slammed for sexist names
Mar 18, 2017
Korean convenience store chain CU launched new precooked lunchbox products “Girlfriend-made lunchbox” and “Mom-made lunchbox” on Mar. 14, which aroused concerns on gender issue regarding their names online. / BGF Retail

Netizens have condemned new precooked lunchbox products at Korean convenience store chain CU for names that suggest gender inequality.

CU launched “Girlfriend-made lunchbox” and “Mom-made lunchbox” on Mar. 14. But critics say the names reflect the traditional view that “only women should cook.”

The products contain cooked rice and various side menus that are popular with men. In the “Girlfriend-made lunchbox,” heart-shaped fried ham sits atop a bed of rice.

Feedback on the products has not been friendly, with people castigating the gender-biased names on Facebook and Twitter.

A Twitter user said, “Women are not the only ones who can cook, and not obliged to make meal-boxes for their boyfriends, husbands, or sons.” Another said, “Why is the famous convenience store trying to inject a sexist idea with its products? Can women eat the meal-boxes too, if they want?”

A CU official told EZ Economy Daily, “The names were intended to emphasize a message that the products were made with love. “After receiving feedback from many people, however, the chain is carefully considering launching a 'Boyfriend-made lunchbox' and a 'Dad-made lunchbox' to show that the company respects gender equality.”

Some people suggest that critics are overreacting. The chain has not decided whether to stop making the controversial products. Nor has said when it will release lunchboxes that dads or boyfriends have supposedly made.

Source:The Korea Times

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