Yoo Ah-in and Im Soo-jung confirmed for new drama 'Chicago Typewriter' + first teasers revealed
Mar 18, 2017
With numerous speculations over the past couple of months, it seems tvN's new drama 'Chicago Typewriter' has been greenlit with actor Yoo Ah-in and actress Im Soo-jung cast in the leading roles.

'Chicago Typewriter' tells the story of best-selling author Han Se-joo (Yoo Ah-in) who is in a slump and genius ghostwriter Yoo Jin-oh (Gong Kyung-pyo). There's also a devoted fan of Han Se-joo who mysteriously turns into an anti-fan 'Jeonseol' or 'Legend' (Im Soo-jung), and not to mention an antique typewriter laying around.

The first teaser opens with Yoo Ah-in saying "There are two things I don't really need in my life: a ghostwriter and a girl...They have arrived." Set in an eerie land of mystery and romantic comedy, the scenario seems to entice viewers with its intricate plot.

The first episode will air on April 7. Check out the first teasers below.


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