10 Idol vocals whose group promotions weren't enough to display their true talents
Mar 18, 2017
There's no prejudice more wrong than the prejudice that idols can't sing. The prejudice is so incorrect on so many levels, and yet, we K-Pop lovers have to combat it every day. Some idol groups and their main vocals are lucky enough and successful enough to disprove the prejudice through a lot of hard work. But there are some, who, whether it be because of their company's inability to manage them, or a number of chance, unfortunate events, don't get to show off what they really got within the limits of their group's promotions. Here are 10 idols whose incredible vocal talents, just have yet to or maybe never will, truly shine.

1. Girl's Day's Minah

An idol vocalist who looks so pure, friendly, and adorable thanks to her lovely eye-smile, but whose vocal chops compare to those of the husky, sexy vocal queen Mariah Carey herself! A few high-range choruses and ad-libs from time to time during Girl's Day's more mature songs, or a scattered number of OSTs here and there... those aren't enough! We want to hear Minah sing, and we mean, really SING!

2. MBLAQ's G.O

MBLAQ was once a formidable rival against same-year-debutees BEAST, but after 8 years in the industry, many believe the group has become basically nonexistent. But fans of MBLAQ, or A+, know that G.O's voice isn't something to be forgotten in the dust of time! We pray that once he returns from the army, he'll find a way to share his heavenly voice with us again.

3. U-KISS's Soohyun

U-KISS consists of a handful of very talented singers, but leading that talented group as the dominant main vocal still is Soohyun. Another veteran idol group wavering from the effects of time, but it would be the biggest waste for U-KISS to go down as a group of married idols or a bunch of guys who go "Man Man Ha Ni" or "Shut Up!". Soohyun's strong, powerful voice fits any genre of music, whether it be ballad, pop, R&B, trot... you name it, and he'll bring his A game!

4. FIESTAR's Linzy

This group itself is a mass of poor management, poor concepts, poor timing, and such, but did you know about this hidden vocal gem by the name of Linzy, who impressed even Eric Benet with her high notes? At least Korean audiences get to hear her talent in a musical show occasionally, but what about fans overseas? Come on, LOEN!

5. LEDApple's Hanbyul

So many talented singers with dreams of touching other with their voice end up in the wrong place at the wrong time, with the wrong group, or the wrong song, or whatever it may be, and Hanbyul was one of them. It's been 3 years since Hanbyul left LEDApple, and just a little over a year since news reports said he had joined a new label, to prepare for his solo album. When is it gonna be, Hanbyul? We're dying from the wait!

6. EXID's Hani

It wasn't until just last year that many people, even fans of EXID, learned that Hani wasn't singing with her real voice in EXID songs. Girl groups have to sacrifice a lot to stay within this certain, established image, rules, and expectations, but an attractive voice like Hani's should not be something sacrificed. These days, more people are starting to recognize what a great voice Hani has, so it's likely we'll get to hear more of Hani's real voice soon, in EXID albums as well as otherwise.

7. Topp Dogg's Gohn

Topp Dogg's vocals (especially their ad-libs) in some of their debut songs rocked! Like, this guy's singing gets crazy! But due to Topp Dogg's inability to establish their name in the industry even after 2 years, the group suffered a number of member losses, including this amazing singer in 2015. Currently, it seems Gohn is still serving in the military, but will we be able to hear him solo once he returns?

8. Rania's Jooyi

Back when BP Rania was known as simply Rania, former member Jooyi garnered attention for her monstrous vocals. But her voice was more soul and more substance than Rania's more simpler, pop songs and she left the group in 2015, debuting solo as Cosmic Girl last year. If you're looking for a new pop diva with explosive vocals to jam to, she's the one!

9. 2NE1's Park Bom

Yes, it's obvious that Park Bom is the main vocalist of one of the most popular groups there ever was in K-Pop. But the way the media has portrayed her and warped her image, from her plastic surgery gossip to her issues with YG Entertainment and more, overshadows her true talent. We'd all love to hear good 'ol 2NE1 music again, but we'll also miss Park Bom's unique voice dearly.

10. Dalmatian or DMTN's Jeesu

Finally, we bring up the main vocalist of one of the most unfortunate groups to have disappeared with time after a fatal drug incident. Setting that scandal aside, man did this group make some good music, and man could their main vocal sing! Thankfully, after DMTN's fall off the map, Jeesu came back to us with the soloist name KIXS, and he's since bloomed as a wonderfully multi-faceted solo singer! Thank goodness!


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