March Drama Actor Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed
Mar 19, 2017
The Korea Business Research Institute revealed their brand reputation rankings for drama actors based on their findings from 37,482,284 pieces of data gathered about 20 actors who appeared in dramas that aired between February 17 and March 18.

“Strong Woman Do Bon-soon” stars Park Bo-young and Park Hyung-sik took first and second places respectively, proving the power of their hit drama.

The full rankings can be seen below:

1. Park Bo-young
2. Park Hyung-sik
3. Lee Dong-gun
4. Ji Sung
5. Namgoong Min
6. Nam Sang-mi
7. Jang Hyuk
8. Shin Min-ah
9. Lee Ha-na
10. Lee Young-ae
11. Park Seo-joon
12. Yoon Kyun-sang
13. Yeon Woo-jin
14. Kim Jae-won
15. Baek Jin-hee
16. Song Seung-heon
17. Jung Kyung-ho
18. Go Ara
19. Yoon Shi-yoon
20. Park Ha-na


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