Dara talks about her first leading role in the upcoming film 'One Step'
Mar 22, 2017
Dara will be greeting fans via the big screen in new music film 'One Step' starring alongside actor Han Jae-suk.

Dara will be playing the role of Sihyun who has a hearing disability and is able to see sounds through colors instead. While Han Jae-suk will be taking on the character of a famous composer, JeeIl who has fallen into a slump and is unable to write any more songs. Film 'One Step' tells the story of these two people colliding and is a remake of the American film 'Begin Again.'

Furthermore, this will be Dara's first leading role in a movie, which is receiving much interest among the masses. Director Jeon Jae-hong commented at a press conference, "I thought about the best way to present 'colored hearing' and it turned out pretty well."

Actor Han Jae-suk stated, "I enjoy listening to music so I was really looking forward to working on a music-related project." He mentioned working with co-star Dara, "It was my first time acting with Dara and I must say she is a very thoughtful person. She made everyone feel very comfortable so we were able to film in a fun way."

Meanwhile, Dara explained she pondered about her role, "I selected this project because it was a music-based film. However after reading the script and realizing my character suffered from 'Colored-hearing synesthesia', I thought hard on it."

The singer continued, "Instead of seeing it as a burden, I feel like this is a new approach for me. Although I may be lacking a lot, I will do my best. Please look forward to this film."

Director Jeon also praised Dara for her exceptional acting skills, "I personally think Dara is great in acting. It is not easy for a new actor to star in a leading role."

Meanwhile, fans will be healed by this musical drama 'One Step' when it hits theaters on April 6.


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