Yubuchobap 유부초밥 (Fried tofu stuffed with rice)
Mar 31, 2017
Have you ever made yubuchobap? It's fried and marinated tofu stuffed with seasoned rice. The tofu tastes sweet, soft, and juicy, and the rice is vinegared: it's a very unique combination, and even a little meaty! It's very simple to make, and very popular in Korea. We usually make yubuchopbap from inexpensive readymade kits, but the real key to this dish is the properly-made fluffy rice with firm yet pliant grains.

I found that using my 1 tablespoon cookie dough scoop to make rice balls to fill the pockets is much easier, simpler, cleaner, and faster than the conventional method of squeezing rice with my hands. Ever since I discovered this, I make yubuchobap very often and I really wanted to share this with you.

Yubuchobap makes for a great lunch menu, especially when paired with something like a salad. Now that springtime is here, it's something quick you can make for a picnic on a sunny day. Enjoy the recipe and let me know if you try it!

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