Stir-fried Lotus Root with Peppers and Mushrooms
Apr 1, 2017
Lotus root (yeon-geun, 연근) is the underwater stem of the lotus plant. It's a commonly used vegetable in Asian countries, including Korea, and highly praised for being rich in fiber and essential nutrients such as Vitamin C and potassium. My favorite way to eat this crunchy and starchy lotus root is to simply stir-fry (bokkeum, 볶음) with some other vegetables.

To prepare the lotus root for cooking, peel the skin, slice or cut into bite size pieces, rinse, and then soak in the vinegar water. This will remove any impurities inside and the slight bitterness of the lotus root and prevent from discoloring. You can also prepare lotus root by pre-boiling in vinegar water for a couple of minutes if you like it softer.

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Source:Korean Bapsang

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