Im Si-wan, Sol Kyung-gu's crime action flick to open in May
Apr 8, 2017
The Merciless” (불한당), an upcoming crime-action film starring Im Si-wan and Sol Kyung-gu, is slated to hit theaters in May, its production companies CJ Entertainment said on Thursday.

Im Si-wan will play policeman Hyunsoo who enters a prison on an undercover revenge mission. There he meets Jaeho, played by Sol Kyung-gu, who is the second man of the criminal organization Hyunsoo is targeting. After being released from the prison, the two team up to seize power within the organization.

The film, helmed by director Byun Sung-hyun -- who was behind the romance film “Whatcha Wearin'?” (2012) -- will also feature the award-winning veteran actors Kim Hee-won, Jeon Hye-Jin and Lee Gyeung-young.

Im Si-wan, who is popular for his role in tvN's 2014 drama “Misaeng,” recently starred in the crime thriller film “One Line” which was released on March 29. Sol Kyung-gu, a veteran actor with hit films such as “Public Enemy” (2002) and “Silmido” (2003), starred in Sci-Fi thriller film “Lucid Dream,” which was released in February.

Source:The Korea Herald
Photos:CJ E&M

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