Headline News (April 10)
Apr 10, 2017
-- Leaders of U.S., China end their summit with only handshake (Kyunghyang Shinmun)
-- Vested rights forces trying to maintain power by supporting Ahn: Moon (Kookmin Daily)
-- With 29 days before presidential election, Moon and Ahn neck and neck (Donga llbo)
-- Moon calls for U.S. to seek talks with N. Korea, says there is little chance of pre-emptive strike (Seoul Shinmun)
-- Moon and Ahn neck and neck even in multicandidate competition (Segye Times)
-- In phone talks with Hwang, Trump says he delivered stance on THAAD to China (Chosun Ilbo)
-- As soon as Xi Jinping leaves, Trump begins squeezing Kim Jong-un (JoongAng Ilbo)
-- Moon and Ahn tied at 37.7 pct, conservatives move toward Ahn in droves (Hankyoreh)
-- Korean Peninsula at highest tension this week (Hankook Ilbo)
-- Parallel drawn during summit, Trump goes 'my way' (Maeil Business Newspaper)
-- U.S. and China agree to draw up ways to resolve trade imbalance within 100 days (Korea Economic Daily)

English-language dailies
-- Trump calls Hwang to brief him on Xi summit (Korea JoongAng Daily)
-- U.S. strike group sails toward Korean Peninsula (Korea Herald)
-- Trump must consult with Seoul over any actions against N. Korea (Korea Times)

Source:Yonhap News

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