Ji Chang-wook poses for 'Kwave M'
Apr 13, 2017
Actor Ji Chang-wook posed for the latest issue of global fashion magazine 'Kwave M.'

The overall concept of the photoshoot was 'sculpting.' Posing next to artistic statues, Ji Chang-wook clearly demonstrated his charismatic appeal wearing a fancy multi-colored dress suit in addition to the classic black and white attire.

In an interview, the actor commented on what he wears in his daily life, "At home, I normally wear a loose short sleeve t-shirt and sweat pants. Because I am an actor, I get to wear fashionable clothing, but I usually wear whatever is most comfortable at home just like any other man out there."

With that, he mentioned he's best at making ramen and added with a smile, "Although I would like to be a guy who cooks well, but nothing beats my mother's home cooked meals."

In regards to his future, as Ji Chang-wook is approaching 40, "I would like to spend my 40s and so on just living the way I am now, not worrying too much about what's ahead."


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