'China's Best Paparazzi' Zhou Wei reveals how Kris talked bad about the EXO members
Apr 19, 2017
''China's Best Paparazzi'' revealed more stories related to EXO again.

Recently, Zhou Wei, who has the title of being the first and best paparazzi in China, shocked the public as he claimed that Luhan has a girlfriend and a child.

According to TV Report referencing Taiwan's ET Daily, Zhou Wei once again shared a shocking story about EXO while answering netizens' questions.

One netizen asked Zhou Wei if he has anything to share about Kris. In response, Zhou Wei revealed, "Last year during an interview, Kris talked bad about the celebrities who are in a competitive relation with him."

Zhou Wei claims that Kris talked bad about former and current members of EXO using initials. Kris reportedly stated that 'L' is a pig head (a Chinese derogatory term referencing a dumb person), 'Z' is a sly jerk, and that 'H' is a terrible singer.

Netizens believe the 'L' is referencing Luhan, 'Z' is Lay whose Chinese name is Zhang Yixing, and 'H' is Tao or Huang Zitao.

Currently, many fans who believe Zhou Wei are criticizing Kris for his alleged rude remarks.


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