Park Hae-jin says he finally found a role that's right for him in 'Esquire'
Apr 20, 2017
Actor Park Hae-jin recently posed for fashion magazine 'Esquire', where he talked about his latest JTBC drama 'Man To Man.'

When asked how he felt about acting as secret agent Kim Seol-woo, Park Hae-jin replied, "I finally found a character that I can act out in versatile ways after ten years. Likewise, I had so much fun filming the drama. Once the shooting had ended, I felt as if the set disappeared before my very eyes, making me dazed."

Being an actor for 11 years, Park Hae-jin commented, "Things have settled down now for the most part. I find that spending time with family is a lot more precious than being alone. I'm a man of peace," grinning.

Meanwhile, 'Man To Man' will air on April 21. Fans can read more on Park Hae-jin's interview in 'Esquire's May issue.


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