Netizens can't believe Jang Na-ra's un-aging appearance
Apr 20, 2017
On April 19, various online communities discussed the topic of actress Jang Na-ra's un-aging appearance!

The 37-year old actress attended a special opening ceremony, 'Election, Makes the Republic of Korea', in Seoul at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts on April 17.

The revealed photos show Jang Na-ra dressed in a feminine blouse with white frills decorated with pearl buttons and a flower carnation.

Netizens expressed their awe toward the actress' unaltered appearance since her debut, attracting many with her milky white radiant skin and large eyes. She could still easily pass for her 20's, don't you agree?

Meanwhile, Jang Na-ra is currently participating as an honorary ambassador in the 19th presidential election, to be held next month.


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