Park Bo-young feels 'growing up' with superhero character
Apr 20, 2017
Park Bo-young poses prior to an interview with The Korea Times on her title role in JTBC's hit drama “Strong Woman Do Bong-soon,” a cafe in Seoul, Tuesday. / Fides Spatium

The romantic comedy “Strong Woman Do Bong-soon” which recently aired its last episode on cable network JTBC was a unique drama.

The drama, which revolves around the female lead Do Bong-soon with Wonder Woman-like superpowers and her cartoon-like bus-stopping and bad guy-tossing story, not only defied gender stereotypes but also helped a downplayed cable network regain some honor. The 16-part show broke the record for JTBC dramas with nearly 10% viewership.

Actress Park Bo-young (박보영), who played the 1.6 meter-tall girl born with Herculean strength, said although she loved the story and really wanted the title role, she had to wait for months.

“I read the script and wanted this role, before it was even decided what channel will air it. Since I accepted the role, it took months until the male lead was selected. For a while, I thought that I may be lacking as a lead actress and that could be the reason it took so long to find a male lead actor,” Park said during an interview with The Korea Times, Tuesday.

In hindsight Park said nothing came easy to her. “Then when I learned it would be aired on a cable channel, I hesitated for some time. Since the character and the female hero story have never been tried, I made up my mind to be in the drama, thinking it might be worth a try, even if it might not do well in the ratings. Thinking about my career, nothing ever came easy for me. Most times I had to wait long for the roles that I really wanted to play.”

Do, who has lived all her life hiding her power and wishing to be “normal” to her longtime crush, gets hired as a bodyguard for gaming company CEO Ahn Min-hyuk, played by actor Park Hyung-sik. Encountering a serial killer who targets women in her neighborhood, Do decides to use her power for a good cause.

Park says the greatest appeal of the drama has been a Korean-style superhero story. “This is a localized version of the Superwoman story. Do looks small and weak, but she has this tremendous power. Looking at her, fighting against the world's prejudice and violence against women, female viewers must have gained some vicarious satisfaction. How fun it would be to live a life like hers!”

The 27 year-old actress, who debuted in 2006 with the high school TV series “Secret Campus” alongside fellow newcomer Lee Min-ho, says she shares many similarities with her character. “I lived five months as Do. Do and I share many similarities _ we both have low self-esteem. I felt great when I watched Do grow in the drama,” she said.

She added that she has never had a pretty face, but rather a familiar and friendly face. “As I grow older, working in the entertainment industry, where I should worry how others see me, my self esteem has further dropped. Whenever others compliment me, I just think of their compliments as them only being polite. So my New Year's resolution was to trust and love myself more,” the actress said.

Park said some comic scenes and lines sounded at first to be too much to her, but in the end the B-rated comedy code had been successful. “There were some lines like Kim Won-hae had in the role of the gay superior,” Do said.

I thought the scene was too brash as an advertisement for the drama, but the outcome was so much fun. When I asked the director how far I should show her superpowers and go funny, because it also deals with the serial killer too, he said if it is funny, we should go for a B-rated comedy, instead of something in between. And I thought his decision was right.”

Source:The Korea Times

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