[Breaking] Lee Dong-gun And Jo Yoon-hee Are Legally Married And Expecting
May 2, 2017
After Lee Dong-gun and Jo Yoon-hee admitted that they were dating, it has now been revealed that they have legally gotten married and are expecting a child!

Lee Dong-gun himself wrote to his fans, “I am writing this because I think all of you should be the first ones to know. Jo Yoon-hee and I, who met through a drama and became lovers, have registered our marriage and legally become husband and wife. While preparing to get married, we were blessed with a child, and we are thankfully and eagerly waiting for the child's birth. For now, I will be focusing on my drama 'Seven Day Queen' (tentative title), and we will hold a private wedding with our family and close acquaintances once I am done with the project. I am unsure about how this news will be received by my fans who have always supported me, but as much as I want to become a better actor and a happier person, it is my wish to receive blessings from all of you. Please look over us warmly. In order to repay the love I've received from everyone, I will work hard to become an even better actor and a great husband.”

Jo Yoon-hee's agency King Kong by Starship also confirmed this news and asked fans for their support.


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