Lee Je-hoon discusses the difficulty of playing the role of an activist in 'High Cut'
May 5, 2017
Actor Lee Je-hoon recently posed for fashion magazine 'High Cut'!

Visiting a seaside village, the actor presented a relaxing vibe, dressed comfortably in a casual white t-shirt and shorts with sneakers.

Once the photo shoot was over, Lee Je-hoon sat down to talk about his upcoming autobiographical film 'Park Yeol' based on an independent activist's life, set to hit theaters in June. "Park Yeol is an actual character who is pretty tough to portray on screen. He has a hot-headed and free-spirited personality and is often seen as an outsider. He is like a rugby ball, unable to predict where he'll bounce off to next," the actor said.

He then continued, "As an actor, I think it is truly an honor to be able to play the role of such a passionate and vigorous person."

Meanwhile, fans can read the full interview in 'High Cut's 197th issue.


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