LG's webOS smart TV gets highest security level
May 7, 2017
The latest webOS smart TV by LG Electronics Inc. has been certified for its effective security capability and sustainability by a local agency, the company said Sunday.

The tech giant said its latest version of the webOS smart TV platform received the Evaluation Assurance Level 2 by the IT Security Certification Center, becoming the first smart TV in the world to receive the cybersecurity level.

LG said the smart TV adopts a slew of the latest cybersecurity technologies to reduce malware susceptibility and vulnerabilities, overcome any software weaknesses and block unauthorized access.

LG said it intends to expand this level of capability to its entire range of smart home devices and automation product offerings.

Earlier, LG said its webOS smart TV received a variety of cybersecurity assurances, such as the Cybersecurity Assurance Program by Underwriters Laboratories.

Source:Yonhap News

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