Song Triplets Surprise Father Song Il-gook With Special Gift For Parents' Day
May 9, 2017
May 8 is Parents' Day in Korea, and to celebrate, the adorable Song triplets gave a thoughtful gift to their father.

Actor Song Il-gook recently uploaded a series of photos on his Instagram showing off the carnation that the triplets gave him for the special day, as per tradition. He also posted a photo of each triplet holding the flower while smiling, or in Manse's case, blowing a kiss, to the camera. Song Il-gook wrote in the caption, “When I came home, they pinned a flower on me. This is the first time I received a carnation flower from Daehan, Minguk, and Manse.”

The photos also showed how much the triplets have matured since they were on the show, KBS 2TV's “Superman Returns.”

Meanwhile, the Song triplets recently celebrated their fifth birthdays just last month, and also had a small reunion with Daebak and the rest of Lee Dong-wook's children!


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