Lee Min Ho Enjoys Beautiful Photo Shoot At Jeju Island Before Mandatory Service
May 12, 2017
Actor Lee Min-ho recently had an opportunity to spend some time at Jeju Island for a lovely photo shoot!

On May 11, makeup brand Innisfree revealed a pictorial of Lee Min-ho doing a bit of sightseeing in Jeju before his enlistment. He certainly seems to be enjoying the green tea fields, the orange trees, and the beaches that are unique to Jeju Island.

Staff revealed, “Lee Min-ho wanted to travel the clear and clean Jeju Island, and put the enjoyment and charm that he felt in Jeju in the pictorial. We expect that you will be able to see both the beautiful sights of Jeju as well as Lee Min Ho's great visuals.”

Meanwhile, Lee Min-ho will enlist as a public service worker in order to fulfill his mandatory military service on May 12.


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