26 'Produce 101 Season 2' trainees that have debut experience
May 12, 2017
Everyone knows that NU'EST have debuting experience, but did you know that there are actually 26 trainees with debuting experience in 'Produce 101 Season 2'? That's over 1/4 of the original 98 trainees! Check out the list and see if there's anyone you recognize.

1. The Jackie Chan Group Korea's Kim Cha-yul and Choi Ha-don

JJCC's Yul and Sancheong

2. TOTALSET's Yoo Kyoung-mok

BTL's YuA or BoM's YuA

3. NARDA's Kim Tae-woo

Rion Five's Taewoo

4. GINI STARS' Wang Min-hyeok

NPI's Rown

5. IT Entertainment's Han Min-ho and Lee Seo-kyu

PURE BOYS' NL and Seokyu

6. HUNUS Entertainment's Kim Sang-kyun


7. RBW's Son Dong-myung

M.A.S 0094's Dongmyung

8. HF Music Company's Jeong Won-cheol, individual trainee Lee In-soo

A6P's Ado and Jaguar

9. MMO Entertainment's Kim Jae-han

OneVoices' J.Han

10. Media Line's Lee Woo-jin

The East Light's Lee Woo Jin

11. Wings Entertainment's Kim Yong-jin and 2ABLE Entertainment's Ju Won-tak

Underdog's Yongjin and Roel

12. S How Entertainment's Jeong Dong-su and Kim Nam-hyung

OFFROAD's Kino and Rio

13. CS Entertainment's Cho Jin-hyung

Super Idol's Cho Jin-hyung

14. C2K Entertainment's Kim Seong-ri

K-BOYS' Seonglee

15. Ardor & Able's Noh Tae-hyun and Ha Sung-woon

HOTSHOT's Kid Monster and Sungwoon

16. Brave Entertainment's Kim Samuel

1PUNCH's Punch

17. Pledis Entertainment's Kim Jong-hyeon, Kang Dong-ho, Choi Min-ki, Hwang Min-hyun

NU'EST's JR, Baekho, Ren, Minhyun


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