[Movie] The Tooth and the Nail (석조저택 살인사건)
May 13, 2017
The Tooth and the Nail

Genres: Thriller
Running Time: 109 min.
Directed by: Kim Hwi
Starring: Ko Soo, Kim Joo-hyuk
Releases Date: May 9, 2017

Synopsis: After Korea's liberation from Japanese occupation, people live in a time of chaos.

Seok-jin, a magician working in a club, one day meets a mysterious woman, Ha-yeon, who asks for help. Having nowhere to go, Ha-yeon starts working as an assistant in Seok-jin's show and soon they get engaged. However Ha-yeon always seems to hide something from her fiancé and Seok-jin finds the copper plates for counterfeit money hidden in her baggage.

Source:The Chosun Ilbo

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