Elle shares Yeo Jin-goo's new look
May 17, 2017
Fashion magazine Elle shared Yeo Jin-goo's photo shoot along with an in-depth interview, Monday.

In the photos, the actor, who debuted as a child star, showed the results of his workout routine.

“It was always in the back of my head to work out to look fit. Perhaps not bulky, but toned,” Yeo told the magazine. To get in shape he said he took motivation from photos of Rain, Lee Byung-hun, Jay Park, Jang Hyuk and Daniel Craig.

However, when it comes to being charming, Yeo says a smile works best, but admits he still has a few years to go before he can pull off the charms of an older man.

"To pull off a chic, uninterested face, I think I would have to wait until I add more years so that my face would naturally give off the charms of an experienced man,” he said.

While hesitant at first, Yeo made the decision to enter the Department of Theater and Cinema at Chung-Ang University's College of Art last year -- a decision, he says, was a good choice.

“I wasn't sure about continuing education. But I was curious to know about my peers who have the same dreams as me. I wanted to know what kind of people they are, what passions they live on and what visions they have. I think it was a good decision to come to university,” Yeo said.

SNSD's Yuri, Sooyoung and actress Park Shin-hye are some other stars who graduated from Chung-Ang.

Yeo revealed that a happy life for him consists of acting, free time and people he can trust. As a singleton he often talks to his friends about relationships.

“One thing we often talk about is when we're going to have a girlfriend,” Yeo laughed.

As they are all single, he and his friends are planning a trip together.

Yeo, who likes to cook, said he's most proud of his red pepper paste soup, which his friends have apparently deemed as being marketable.

Asked if he wants to have a fun life or a cool life, Yeo said, “My immediate thought is fun. Cool doesn't go with me.”

Source:The Korea Herald

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