Top 10 most impressive debut stages in K-Pop
May 17, 2017
K-Pop is filled with tons of girl groups and boy groups debuting each day - trying to make it big and getting a taste of that coveted K-Pop fame! However, looking back, there were some groups that were instant stars the moment they hit the stage! Check out these K-Pop groups and idols that had the most impressive debut stages in K-Pop history!

1. 2NE1

With their 8th anniversary on May 17, who could forget the flashy queens of K-Pop? 2NE1 had a "Fire" debut (Pun 1,000,000% intended)! The girls owned the hip-hop genre and definitely became the fashion-forward thinkers of the K-Pop world after their powerful debut. Unfortunately, they have disbanded but we will never forget them and the impact they made on K-pop.

2. SHINee

SHINee have the vocals that will wow you each and every time. While every song they released was a success, no fan can forget the magic of "Replay." The smooth vocals paired with the addictive melody is music paradise.

3. miss A

The good girls of miss A showed that they could be bad girls too with their debut song "Bad girl, Good girl." JYP combined his musical talent with these 4 lovely ladies and there was no looking back. Now the members are iconic and with some advancing even farther with successful solo activities.


MAMAMOO were real divas with their strong debut track "Mr. Ambiguous." From the intense choreography and outstanding vocals to the jazzy style and lavish concept, the ladies commanded attention and continue to do so even today. Because of their refreshing styles and concepts, MAMAMOO has garnered a huge amount of international fans as well.


JYP has worked his magic again with another girl group. Before they even hit the stage, the 9 member girl group TWICE became a sensation and are now above and beyond rookie girl group fame. TWICE have, without a doubt, become an international phenomenon since their debut with "Like OOH AHH" and there is no looking back. They owned 2016 and are dominating 2017 as well.


WINNER definitely garnered more attention than anyone could have anticipated. "Color Ring" and "Empty" had everyone at the edge of their seats due to the boys' charming vocals and killer rap styles. They offered a unique balance that was hard to find in K-Pop during the time, which is why they found success so early on.

7. Black Pink

It is not even a question that Black Pink are one of the trendiest groups around right now. With the helping hand of YG, the girls of Black Pink skyrocketed to the number 1 girl group spot with "BOOMBAYAH" in no time and are highly regarded as the new generation's 2NE1.


BIGBANG is legendary - plain and simple. While any stage they perform on is like gold, the boys had an unforgettable debut. As if they never changed (let alone aged), the boys have been pushing that swagged out hip-hop concept since the very beginning and manifested the genre into their own unique concept.

9. IOI

Once the final members of IOI were selected after the television program 'Produce 101' ended, fans were raving over the lucky chosen girls! Although they were a temporary thing, it didn't stop IOI from owning the stage, sweeping the charts, winning awards and the hearts of K-Pop fans worldwide!

10. NCT Unit

Whether it is NCT Dream, NCT U, or NCT 127, NCT anything is hot right now. The boys rocked the stage with their separate debut concepts and everyone was able to fall in love with the groups as a whole and individually. While we want to jam pack all three into this article, we have to settle for one for now! Still, all of NCT are becoming the talk of K-Pop!


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