Kim Soo-hyun Becomes The Go-To Man Of The Criminal World In Trailer For “Real”
May 17, 2017
Kim Soo-hyun (김수현) is finally making his highly anticipated return to the silver screen with the action thriller noir film “Real.”

In the film, Kim Soo-hyun plays the role of Jang Tae-young, a well-known go-to man or trouble shooter for the criminal world. His character is cold, ambitious, and exceptional at what he does; however, his whole world changes when he meets a former detective reporter named No Yeom, who will be played by actor Lee Kyung-young.

While the trailer doesn't reveal much more about the actual plot of the film, it is immediately apparent that the action scenes will be plentiful and beautifully executed. Kim Soo-hyun's last major role was in the drama “Producer” as Baek Seung-chan, but fans will be unable to find even an inkling of innocence in his new role. Kim Soo-hyun's charismatic but ultimately cold gaze, along with his many intense action scenes, will make fans all but forget about the image his previous roles have created for him.

The film also features Sung Dong-il, Lee Sung-min, Sulli, and more. Watch the dark and intense trailer below!


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