“Lookout” To Feature Great Chemistry Between SHINee's Key And Kim Seul-gi
May 18, 2017
It sounds like drama lovers have plenty to look forward to from the upcoming MBC drama “Lookout,” including the chemistry between Kim Seul-gi and Key of SHINee!

The two popular young stars play two members of a team of vigilantes aiming to carry out justice in the action-thriller drama. Kim Seul-gi plays Seo Bo-mi, a woman who was transformed from a happy high school student into a recluse after being traumatized by a crime. She's holed herself up in her tiny room and avoids social interaction as much as possible. Meanwhile, Key plays a quirky genius hacker named Gong Kyung-soo.

The pair only communicate via their phones and the Internet, and it's said that they've never once meet in person. However, the bickering pair is a perfect fit, with Gong Kyung-soo hacking into CCTV systems and Seo Bo-mi monitoring footage in her room.

On May 17, the production team of “Lookout” shared stills of Key and Kim Seul-gi from the drama, giving us a new look at the pair. The drama also previously shared posters of each of its main characters, as well as stills of Key filming.

A representative from “Lookout” has said, “The pairing of Kim Seul-gi and Key is more than anyone could imagine. We expect that the witty duo's collaboration and their unique 'virtual' chemistry will give a boost of fun and energy to the drama.”

“'Lookout' couldn't exist without them,” the representative went on to state. “Please look forward to Key and Kim Seul-gi's impactful roles as the perfect partners.”

“Lookout” stars Lee Si-young, Kim Young-kwang, Kim Tae-hoon, Key, Kim Seul-gi, and more, and will make its premiere on May 22.


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