May Movie Actor Brand Reputation Rankings
May 20, 2017
The Korea Business Research Institute has revealed brand reputation rankings for movie actors based on their findings from 65,814,318 pieces of data on 50 actors between April 18 and May 19. The scores were calculated based on data from social media, number of shares, and comments in the community.

First place went to Lee Sung-min, who created a lot of buzz this month for his latest movie, “The Sheriff In Town.” He was associated with key words such as “nosy,” “like,” and “laughter.” The actor received a total score of 3,654,260.

Second place went to Gong Yoo, who scored 3,596,597 points, and third place went to Ji Jin Woong with a total score of 3,211,714.

Check out the full rankings below:

1. Lee Sung-min
2. Gong Yoo
3. Jo Jin-woong
4. Im Si-wan
5. Yoo Ah-in
6. Sol Kyung-gu
7. Kim Sung-kyoon
8. Park Sung-woong
9. Lee Byun-hun
10. Kim So-hyun
11. Choi Min-sik
12. Kim Hee-won
13. Lee Jung-jae
14. Ahn Jae-hong
15. Go Soo
16. Lee Sun-gyun
17. Jung Woo-sung
18. Park Chul-min
19. Kim Joo-hyuk
20. Jun Ji-hyun
21. Kang Dong-won
22. Kim Hye-soo
23. Shin Ha-gyun
24. Son Ye-jin
25. Lee Kyung-young


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