Nam Tae-hyun spotted waiting for Jung Ryeo-won at movie filming?
Jun 13, 2017
Nam Tae-hyun and Jung Ryeo-won's dating rumors have taken off once again.

According to reports on June 13, the former WINNER member and actress are allegedly in a romantic relationship. Reports say Nam Tae-hyun was spotted waiting for Jung Ryeo-won to wrap up filming for the upcoming movie 'Gate' in the early hours of the morning.

One insider stated, "Nam Tae-hyun was waiting for someone at the 'Gate' set for a long time. After a while, Jung Ryeo-won came out, and the two talked and acted in a way that can only be seen as lovers." Another insider commented, "The two weren't worried about anyone else seeing them. It doesn't seem Nam Tae-hyun is appearing in 'Gate'. It surprised everyone to see him waiting there alone early in the morning."

Jung Ryeo-won's agency denied the rumors, however, saying, "As the 'Gate' filming is wrapping up, Son Dam-bi sent over a coffee cart. Along with Son Dam-bi, Nam Tae-hyun, a music video director, and other acquaintances came to the set as well. The dating rumors are not true." On the continuing rumors, the label said, "She came to know of Nam Tae-hyun through acquaintances, and they've had a few meals together along with other friends."

What are your thoughts on Nam Tae-hyun and Jung Ryeo-won alleged dating rumors?


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