Samsung dominating small display market
Jun 30, 2017
A rollable display from Samsung Display / Samsung Display

Samsung Display is boosting sales of flexible organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays, solidifying its dominance in the global market for small and medium panels.

According to the display maker, it posted $3.54 billion in sales from the small and medium display panel sector in the first quarter of this year.

It topped with a 27.2% market share in terms of sales in the quarter, followed by Japan Display with 17.8% and LG Display with 12.1%. Especially in the flexible OLED panel and smartphone display sectors, it held 94.6% and 34.6% stakes, respectively, showing an unrivaled status in the market.

According to market tracker IHS Markit, the global small and medium display panel market was estimated at around $13 billion in the first quarter, with 675.49 million panels shipped. It was the largest first-quarter volume in history.

“The global sales of small- and medium-sized display panels increased by 35% year-on-year, which is rare in the first quarter because it is an off-season in the display industry,” a Samsung Display official said.

“Data show that we have led market growth with display units for high-resolution smartphones and flexible OLED panels.”

First-quarter sales of smartphone displays reached $9.93 billion, up 41% from a year ago. It took 76.2% of the total small- and medium-sized panel market.

Samsung held the No. 1 spot in this sector with 34.6% market share in sales, followed by Japan Display's 18.8% and LG Display's 12.7%.

The company noted that market demand for high-resolution large panels has increased in this sector, reflecting the worldwide popularity of premium smartphones.

Samsung said flexible OLED was the fastest-growing sector in the first quarter with $1.11 billion total sales globally, up 124% from a year ago.

“We understand that demand for flexible OLED panels from major smartphone markets has jumped to produce differentiated form factors such as Galaxy S8's full-screen display,” the Samsung official said.

Flexible OLED is slim, light and provides wide color gamut with low power consumption. Thanks to its elastic property, it is considered the best viable display panel for an ergonomic smartphone design.

Samsung started mass producing OLED panels in 2007 for the first time in the world. IHS Markit projected the global market for flexible OLED panels will grow to $20.98 billion in 2020, up from this year's $9.26 billion. The shipment volume will also rise to 396 million, up from 145 million in the period.

“Continuing research and development on dual-edge, quad-edge, full-screen, foldable and rollable display technologies, we will push to create new market demands in the healthcare and fashion sectors,” the official said.

Source:The Korea Herald

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