Samsung to sell refurbished Note 7 this week
Jul 2, 2017
Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition

Samsung Electronics will launch a refurbished edition of its ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 this week with a safer battery and software upgrades.

“The Galaxy Note Fan Edition (FE) will go on sale on July 7,” a Samsung official said Sunday.

The refurbished variant will be sold for 699,600 won ($611) and just 400,000 units will hit local shelves. Samsung will decide on its global launch later.

The world's largest smartphone maker had to kill off the high-end Galaxy Note 7 two months after its official launch last August after some devices caught fire while charging.

In January this year Samsung blamed poorly designed and manufactured batteries.

Samsung said the FE would come with a 3,200mAh battery as a safety precaution -- smaller than the original's 3,500 battery.

“The FE battery's safety has been much more enhanced thanks to its multi-layered safety designs and eight-point battery safety check,” it said.

Samsung managed to recover from the unprecedented fiasco by successfully the Galaxy Note 8 this year.

In January, Samsung introduced a more-stringent eight-point battery check aimed at securing safety from the component level to assembly and shipment. The check includes durability, visual inspection as well as a charge and discharge test.

According to Samsung, the refurbished phones are made up of components from sealed and unused Note 7 handsets, which it believes prevents wasting resources.

There have been debates whether Samsung should resell the refurbished devices, but the tech giant opted to do so despite some concerns.

Observers point out that Samsung's decision showcases its confidence in its renewed safety check because even a single battery issue of the Note 7 FE would deal another blow.

“As the name Fan Edition shows, committed fans of the Note 7 would be ready to pick one up -- and there are quite a few fans,” a Seoul analyst said.

When it comes to software upgrades, the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) is a headline feature among others.

The FE will partially support the Bixby voice assistant, which made its debut with the Galaxy S8 this March.

Among the intelligent interface's four features, the Bixby Home and the Bixby Reminder will be available on the refurbished edition.

The former allows users to see the content they care most about with just one swipe on the home screen or a short press of the designated Bixby button. The latter helps users remember important events and to-do tasks.

The FE handset will still come with some solid features from its predecessor such as a screen-off memo and the S-Pen that allows users to translate words.

It will also support biometric access via an iris or a fingerprint scanner and will be waterproof and dustproof so people can use the device without interruption when it rains or in a sandstorm.

Source:The Korea Times

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