Wanna One Members Open Up About Their Experiences On “Produce 101 Season 2”
Jul 6, 2017
With “Produce 101 Season 2” finalist group Wanna One currently focused on preparing for their debut, fans haven't had the chance to hear much from them following the show's finale.

However, following the release of some stunning group shots recently, magazine 1st Look has shared some snippets of their interviews with the members that give insights into their experiences on the show and how they feel about it now.

Individual shots of each of the eleven members were revealed on July 5 via the magazine's Instagram, with some of the uploaded posts including quotes from the members. Check out the beautiful photos and their quotes below.

Lee Dae-hwi was quoted as saying, “I'm able to be here in this position thanks to the nation's producers who continued to support me. I sincerely thank you.” He added that he is happy with everything overall during “Produce 101 Season 2,” from being named as the first “center” (for “Pick Me”) to the ending of the show.

Kim Jae-hwan was the only contestant to make it into Wanna One who competed without the backing of an agency. He commented, “As someone who doesn't live the life of a trainee at an agency, [“Produce 101 Season 2”] is a show that taught me many things, such as what comradeship is, the joy of developing together, and the meaning of the word 'competition.'”

“I'd never properly learned how to dance, and I was unskilled and incredibly lacking when it came to other elements outside of singing, such as performing,” he admitted. He continued to say that every moment of the experience felt like a challenge, but that he was happy to be able to show that it's possible for contestants who aren't signed to agencies to do it too.

Hwang Min-hyun expressed, “I want to convey my sincere thanks through this interview to all the staff who believed in me and watched over me, from the producer downwards.”

“Personally, my decision to appear on the show was not easy,” he continued. “But I was that desperate, and I did my best. I think that as we've received this love so far, it's time for us now to make up for it with something in return.”

Bae Jin-young came in No. 10 and was the first member of Wanna One to be announced during the dramatic finale. He recalled in the interview how this meant he watched all of the other members have their names called from his seat far away on the other side of the stage. “I was really impressed by how all 101 trainees, not only just the Wanna One members, were happy together and both comforting and supporting each other,” he said. “I will keep each and every one of their faces in my heart as I continue to grow.”

Check out other individual cuts of Wanna One's first pictorial!

The issue of 1st Look featuring the photo shoot and interview with Wanna One is due to be released on the evening of July 6.

Meanwhile, Wanna One is currently gearing up for their debut on August 7.


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