Kim Ji-won Confirmed As Female Lead In Upcoming Film
Jul 6, 2017
(King Kong by Starship)

Kim Ji-won (김지원) will be taking on a lead role in her first historical film!

On July 6, Kim Ji-won's agency King Kong by Starship shared, “Actress Kim Ji-won will be the female lead of upcoming movie 'Detective K 3' (조선명탐정3, working title). Please cheer on Kim Ji-won, who will be acting in her very first historical film.”

“Detective K 3” is the third installment of the “Detective K” series. “Detective K” is known as the Korean spinoff of Sherlock Holmes, with actors Kim Myun-min and Oh Dal-soo appearing as recurring leads. Kim Myung-min and Oh Dal-soo appear as a detective duo, which is a comedic, Korean version of the iconic Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson duo.

Kim Ji-won will be appearing as a woman who solves a “serial vampire murder” case together with the characters of Kim Myung-min and Oh Dal-soo. Although Kim Ji-won's character has an aura of mysteriousness, she will be enthusiastically helping the detectives to solve the case.

Detective K 3” will start production in August.


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